Mp3tag v2.93 released

Mp3tag v2.92 released

In the meantime, I've already released Mp3tag v2.93 as a hotfix release for some MP4 tagging issues that were introduced with the previous version. See the end of this topic for details.

I've just released Mp3tag v2.92 and wanted to take the opportunity to detail some of the new features and changes for you.

Tag-Panel field size Smaller

The Tag Panel continues to get love and it now has a new field size Smaller
which is smaller than Small. It’s perfect for track- and disc numbers and can be nicely
combined with another Smaller and one Medium-sized field to fill up one row and
use the available space in the most efficient way.

Configurable height of multiline fields on Tag-Panel

Many users who are using multiline fields on the Tag Panel (e.g., for displaying UNSYNCEDLYRICS)
were asking for a way to configure the height of those fields. It's now possible to decide on
the number of rows that are occupied by a multiline field (one row is the combination of
label and input of a normal-sized field).

Advanced configuration option to toggle listing chapters as separate files

This new option gives the ability to decide of chapters are listed as separate files
or are simply not listed.
It's especially helpful if you're into editing video files (MP4 or Matroska) and
always wanted to edit the global tags of a file instead of the titles of the
individual chapters.
The option is located at "Options > Tags > Advanced" and is disabled by default.



Information fields for subsongs

Especially if the option to list chapter as separate files is disabled, it can be
difficult to identify which files actually have chapters. I've added two new information
fields to identify those files, %_subsong_count% provides the number of
subsongs in a file and %_subsong% contains the subsong index.

You can see the new fields in action in the screenshots above. The format string used for column configuration is simply %_subsong% | %_subsong_count%.

Information fields for video dimensions

I have the impression that more and more users are also handling their video library
with Mp3tag. This new version also has two new information fields for video dimensions,
namely %_video_width% and %_video_height% for Matroska files
(and MP4 video as well).

A possible way to use this in a column configuration would be
[%_video_width% x %_video_height%].

There are many other changes and fixes. See the long changelog below and definitely get the new version.

:rocket: Download the new version

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.
— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • added support for MP4 HEVC. (#43877)
  • added support for MP4 E-AC3.
  • added support for reading and removing QuickTime chapter information. (#17978)
  • added %_video_width% and %_video_height% for Matroska video files. (#43969)
  • added advanced configuration option to toggle listing chapters as separate files (disabled by default). (#19589, #42399, #43935, #44112, #44127)
  • added information fields %_subsong% (subsong index) and %_subsong_count% (number of subsongs).
  • added option to configure size of multiline tag fields. (#15943)
  • added support for silent uninstalls. (#44196)
  • added Tag-Panel field size Smaller (i.e., smaller than Small). (#42119, #43525, #44015)


  • added even more mappings for special MusicBrainz fields for ID3v2 and MP4. (#43846)
  • compatibility improvements for raw AAC that now also supports reading and writing of ID3v2 tags.
  • compatibility improvements regarding language identifiers when reading and writing ID3v2 USLT frames. (#44167)
  • enabling mouse wheel in dropdown fields after edit by opening the list (besides pressing keys arrow up or arrow down). (##16423, #43754)
  • further compatibility improvements regarding language identifiers when reading and writing ID3v2 USLT frames. (#44167)
  • import from text file now detects if file is UTF-8 also if it has no BOM. (#14842)
  • removed installer option to pin Mp3tag to taskbar. (#44116, #44117)

Bug Fixes

  • action to import text file did not apply new field content if first value was identical. (#16091)
  • auto-complete for Tag-Panel fields was case sensitive (since v2.90e). (#43743)
  • current selection of files was incorrect after disabling filter in some cases. (#18259, #42896)
  • editing of cuesheets was no longer possible (since v2.90c). (#43809)
  • empty album artwork placeholder image was blurry on high DPI screens. (#43899)
  • enabling and disabling Tag-Panel fields via context menu reverted some customization settings. (#44012)
  • enabling and disabling Tag-Panel fields via context menu was limited to 40 fields. (#44012)
  • files from recycle bin were displayed when loading drive root directory. (#17833)
  • global placeholders were parsed incorrectly when used inside scripting functions at export. (#12378)
  • loading files from drive root directory did not work anymore (since v2.91a). (#43902)
  • occasional runtime error when pasting metadata.
  • parsing error for export filenames that contained escaped parentheses. (#43826)
  • Tag Panel row calculation for mutliple fields of size Smaller was incorrect in some cases. (#44015)


  • updated Bulgarian, Czech, French, Russian, Slovak and Turkish language files.

I've just released Mp3tag v2.92a, which fixes two issues I found worth addressing as soon as possible:

  • FIX: MP4 fields TVEPISODE, TVSEASON and ITUNESCATALOGID were not written correctly (since v2.91a). (#44294)
    FIX: configuration option to toggle listing chapters as separate files did not work in all cases. (#44300)

That was quick! I've just released Mp3tag v2.93, which fixes issues wrt. MP4 tagging. Combined with the fixes from v2.92a, everyone is encouraged to update to this version.

  • FIX: MP4 field ITUNESMEDIATYPE was not read correctly (since v2.91a). (#44312)
  • FIX: MP4 fields ITUNNORM and ITUNSMPB were not written correctly (since v2.91a). (#44312)

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