Can I remove some text from all the songs?

I have ripped a remaster cd , and I have used eac to rip and tag
all the song have (remaster)
Changes (remaster)
Oh! You Pretty Things (remaster)

and so on , can I do it with mp3tag ? Remove all "(remaster)" from all songs?


Load the files,
select all the files.
Then try an Action (Quick) of the type "Replace" for TITLE (that is: I assume that you have the superfluous word in the field TITLE)

Search string: (remaster)
(with a leading space character)

Replace with:
(leave empty)

hi @ohrenkino
I haven't searcg string
I have these settings


I use the German version.
What I meant with "Search string" is called "Original" in your version.

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hi @ohrenkino
ok ,I got it
i don't use the english version too ,but i have changed the language just for the screenshot

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