Can mp3tag do this?

I have a folder - within this folder I have 390 sub folders - each one a separate album. Now when loading this - mp3tag loads all the mp3 files within these 390 folders - which is fine, however, these albums are split into 2 groups - they either have all their tags properly formatted and complete or the ID3 tags are completely blank. About 50% of the albums are in one of these situations and the other 50% are in the other.

Is it possible to get mp3tag to only load the mp3 files that have no info in their ID3 tags? Eg where data is missing from a specific field or two? I want to do a mass tagging operation but its difficult scrolling through the whole thing as there are some 6000 mp3 files and highlighting just the albums that are blank before setting an action is troublesome.

If there was a way to load just the albums missing their tags - then I could highlight everything and do mass tagging in a few steps.

Why don't you move the albums without tags in a single directory?

You could create the following structure:

Then, you can move your existing folders
to the above structure.

I could - but that would mean going through each album one at a time. This would take up time and I'm looking for an easy way to get the tagging done. Also I need this more for long term because this is just one root level folder I have with 390 sub folders. I have another 68 root level folders each with just as many sub folders in them - so its just too much work to be manually going through them all.

I think it would be a nice feature of mp3tag to ask it to only load files where a certain field or fields are missing, but I guess this is a suggestion for a new feature.