Cancel "Reading Directory"

Suggestion: Since "Reading Directory" can take a very long time, please add a Cancel button!

Well, I have a Cancel button!

Dito. :flushed:

On short operations I do too. But on long ones, I get the Reading Directory title bar without a close box or cancel button or in fact anything in the client area - mp3tag is not refreshing the screen - for a long time. To stop it I'd have to click the close box in the main mp3tag window, and use the Windows "This program is not responding" feature.


Hm, that sounds more like a crash of the program.
What is your Mp3tag version anyway? Did you try the latest one?

There's no crash. Try it on C: and you might see the same.

This is V2.53a.

That version comes from the future :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I don't get such troubles.
Can you try the Development Build version, please?

Mp3tag reads tags it to steps: first, it goes recursively through all subdirectories (if needed) and then reads the tags of all supported files could be found.
If you mean the first part here then IMHO I have kind of same problem.

Although I have Chancel button for both steps if I change directory after Mp3tag was started, but if it begins to read a big directory right after start, I do not have neither Chancel button, nor the progress dialog itself during the first step.
I have mp3tag under wine here, so it can be a side effect or something, please try it under windows.
Steps to reproduce:

  • start mp3tag
  • enter c:\ (d:, e:\ ...) as Folder
  • klick Chancel
  • uncheck "Start from this directory" in Options->General(->Favorite directory)
  • close mp3tag
  • start it again


I can reproduce this when I try to read large, uncached directories on startup.

Seems like the thread which is traversing the directory tree somehow steals the priority from the GUI thread. It's really ugly, even the menu isn't loaded completely. I'll have a look into it and fix it to the next release.

Thanks for pointing!

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The current Development Build should fix the problem.

It works for me under wine too, thanks :slight_smile:

It does. Thanks.