SUGGESTION: Reading directory Pause & Resume

Currently when we are loading a lot of files to Mp3tag, we see the pop up box with a progress bar. It has one button: Cancel

How about adding a second one: Pause / Resume?

Over 13 years ago a similar request was met with a positive feedback

Use the library feature.
Read the folder as far as you want, press Cancel to stop reading.
Sort of resume reading by pressing F5.
The library feature will reduce the time to re-read the already loaded files.
It is not a full-fledged "continue" ... but it is already there.

That is only a workaround- that would require from the user the usage of a feature that a person might not use at all [like in my case]Currently even Windows 10 has this feature incorporated that I am advocating for- as you can pause and resume coping / moving of files and deleting of them. And that latter one is especially useful as e.g. no longer my FreeCommadner is blocked for good by performing Empty Recycle Bin of XX GB, like it was happening back on Windows 7. And when your operating system for whatever reason is chocking [be it constanty or on the spot] you need to have more options to counter the problem