Cancel reading files does not stop immediately

I am running the latest stable version 3.0.1 I believe. I am a financial supporter.

Previously, I was working with a very large directory but I am now finished and want to work on some smaller directories.

Unfortunately, mp3tag lets me click the cancel button and although it acts like it will cancel, it continues trying to do the read the directory (on the previous big one directory). If I moved the mouse to anything, the screen just displays that spinning windows thing.

I just want to get to a smaller directory without having to wait for 5000+ files to get scanned. And yes, I know I probably shouldn't have been fooling with so many files but mp3tag handled it; so sue me.

Is it because I have a filter set? I can't get to the filter until the directory read finishes. If I click on anything then that windows spinning circles starts.

I guess I'll wait for it to read the directory that I was messing with before and then try to change directory.

I see the same behaviour, even for a small number of files.
So yes, I think you've found a bug.

I cannot reproduce it.
I tested it with disabled and enabled library,
i tested it with a bigger (16,000 odd tracks) and a smaller (500 odd tracks) folder,
I clicked on Cancel while MP3tag still listed the files and actually loaded them -
and each time the loading got cancelled almost immediately (a second later or so) and only the files that were loaded until the cancellation are displayed.
The files are all on local, internal drives.
I tested it with W7 and W10. No difference.

I think this may be my bad. As it turns out I let the process finish and the only things that came up were video files that could not be changed by mp3tag for one reason or another. Since this happens so seldom I think I'll write it off as OE (operator error) At any rate, I usually can fix titles in files that can't be proccessed via file properties. Sometimes the file tags cannot be changed at all. Sometimes the files are so corrupt they won't even play. I'm far from a multimedia file tagging /format expert. It really is amazing how much time this program has saved me. BTW I'm using the program for big ol video files. Dank for an excellent product.

Here is a thread with links to tools that may help to identify the reasons for trouble and even fix some of them:

Excellent investigative work. :+1:
I disabled my library and 'Cancel' worked without a problem.
After I re-enabled my library, the unwanted behaviour returned.
Now I'm not sure if there is a bug in Mp3tag or something about my library that causes the problem.
My library has a mixture of FLAC and MP3 files: 115,000 files in more than 10,000 folders, on 3 different disks.

The library is not the collection. It is just a database. So it should not matter what kind of files offered their metadata.
Depending on where and how you installed MP3tag (SSD vs. external HDD and standard vs. portable) it could be that after you cancelled the loading, still some housekeeping tasks have to be finished.
If you think that your library has somehow been corrupted, you can simply delete it while MP3tag is not running and it will be recreated.
Or you may use the function to cleanup the library - this usually does not heal a really corrupted library.

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