Cannot add a new tag to the tag panel


I cannot add a new tag to my tag panel. I have the french version of MP3Tag V.3.16.
Went to "Outils/Options", choose "Panneau des tags", and in the right side of the window, I clicked on the first icon "Ajouter le champ..3 .A new window opened, from which I selected ARTIST for the first box "Champ", and tried to validate my choice by clicking the "OK" button, but nothing happens. :no_mouth:

Do I miss something, or is it a bug ? Thanks in advance for your help

If you already have an element in the tag panel that shows the contents of ARTIST then you cannot add another one. Just like the "Highlander": there can be only one.

Which field do you try to add?

I did try to add the ARTIST tag, but checked first that it was not already in the panel. Tried different other tags as well, none was accepted.
It looks like the "ok" button does not react.

You have to fill both:

  • the field,
  • the name/description.

I tried that as well. Did not help.

Do you get any error messages?
How did you install the program (Standard? Portable?)
is it a new installation or an update?
(it is a little strange that you have to add ARTIST as this is usually part of the default configuration).
Are you running MP3tag under the same user-id under which you installed it?
Could it be that you have a field for ARTIST already but you have disabled it?

Can you please show us a screenshot from your current tag panel list in the options, something like this:

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I do not get any error message.
I have two installations of the program : one Portable on my laptop, one Standard on my home PC. Same behavior.
They are both "new" installations, I mean I never made an update.
(ARTIST is not appearing in my default configuration)
I am running MP3Tag under the same user-id under which i installed it.
I have not disabled a former ARTIST field.

Here it is

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To me "Interprète" looks like the element for ARTIST


If you look at the post above from @LyricsLover, the ARTIST field is already displayed. In French, this is listed under the tag name "Interprète" in the list. That is why you cannot list it again.


As @ohrenkino and @MotleyG answered:
Your "Interprète" already contains the ARTIST value.

This is the same screenshot as above, this time in english:

I'm not sure, why the "Name" of the tag ("Interprète" or "Artist") will be translated into different languages. But anyway, you can't add the same "Field" or "Champ" ARTIST more then once to the tag panel on the left side.

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Aha !

This is the explanation indeed, thank you very much ! :ok_hand:
I assumed that "interprète" was the french for "PERFORMER"... Which btw, does seems to exist ?

(I'm trying to stick to the "axioms of classical music tagging" , as defined by M. Howard Rogers...They imply the use of both tags ARTIST and PERFORMER)

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you can call the label of the element of the tag panel as you want.
If you feel more at home with "performer", then replace Interprète with Performer.
The field that you address with that element stays ARTIST - and this is the important bit for MP3tag.

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There is no PERFORMER tag, at least not according to the ID3 standard. The information about the performing artist belongs in the ARTIST (or TPE1 tag):

The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is used for the main artist(s).

You can also fill data in the ALBUMARTIST (or TPE2 tag)

The 'Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment' frame is used for additional information about the performers in the recording.

If you are not sure about the translation, just switch between the available Mp3tag GUI languages with Tools -> Options -> Language (or Outil -> Options -> Langue) for the same part of the options. This makes it easy to compare it.

Thanks for the explanations and the tip. Very helpful !

Good to know, thanks !

Just as a side note:
Please carefully check a few of your tagged tracks, if your player (software/hardware) can really handle non-standard tags like PEFRORMER.
The definition ARTIST = COMPOSER may be true for M. Howard Rogers.
But this is not the case if you follow the ID3 standard. There IS a separate tag for COMPOSER.
Please check it before you tag all your files and then you realize, that PEFORMER isn't a useable tag in your environment. Or that you prefer to distinguish between ARTIST (like Rubinstein) and COMPOSER (like Beethoven or Bach)

Sounds like a wise advice , thanks you! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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