Cannot adjust covers with CMYK color model (and parts are displayed black)

Hi, it seems that mp3tag is not able to adjust some covers.

What is anybody supposed to do with such a global statement?
Please supply a lot more details.

I've sent a file to @Florian to test it! :wink:

Mostly these files are coming from the same source.

For an unknown reason the cover size is ~20MB and the resolution is 5000x5000

See this thread on the maximum size of pictures:

(and so it is most likely no MP3tag problem)

I found another file with the same problem...

The cover size is 1MB and the resolution is 1253x1253.

I'm uploading it now for @Florian

Thanks for the example files. The images are using the CMYK color model, which is only barely supported by GDI+, the image library I'm using.

You're already seeing the issue in the Tag Panel, where parts of the image a drawn in black. You'd need to resort to an external application and adjust the covers manually.

I'm also moving this to #support and adjusted the topic title. I'm treating it as a limitation of the feature and it's on my "won't fix" list.

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Thanks for the support @Florian.

You are right about the black part, i was wondering why this could be happening!

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