Cannot play mp3 file if it includes tags

Today I tried adding some tags to songs I downloaded. I've been using mp3tag for a long time and I'd say i had never had a problem before. I tried editing the tags like always, add title, artist bla bla, pasting cover art and saving. All normal. However, after I tried listening to the audio track, Groove music gives me the message
Can't play
This file isn’t playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.
It's weird, I checked with other mp3's if it's a formatting problem, but they all use the same Id3v2. Even in directory explorer, the file is still an mp3. I added the songs to my phone and the tags didnt show up, .when I open the 'corrupt' file in mp3tag, it shows up normally, everything I changed is there.

I'm able to make the audio play if i remove all the tags from the file. As soon as i add a cover art or any character in the tags, the file doesnt work anymore. This goes for any new mp3 that i tried editing, i didnt do it on an older successful edit because im too scared of losing that file too.
So it cannot be a pre-corrupted mp3, something breaks when you save your edited tags, I would upload some example files but i dont know how

What's the source of the files (I'm guessing a random website that converts from Youtube) and have you checked the original files for errors (preferably with MP3 Diags).

Most of the YouTube converters are now providing files that are actually MP4 dash disguised as MP3. Due to the nature of those sites, it’s impossible to contact them and make them aware of the problems they are causing.