Cannot remove album cover

Hello. I've been using mp3tag for while now, but am currently having problems removing a particular album cover. There must have been a couple of versions of the same cover pasted one over the other; I have removed one, but there was another underneath which I cannot get rid of. Right mouse click only gives me the option to add a cover or correct ratio aspect.

Can anyone help me here? Many thanks.


Could you check whether you have or have not ticked Tools>Options>Tags "Do not show cover from the folder" and you see the picture from the folder?
If changing the option does not change the behaviour, it would be a good idea to check the file for integrity. See the FAqs for links to such tools.

Many thanks for your reply. I had not ticked that option. However I managed to paste another cover over the one that I couldn't remove, and that has solved the problem I was having (cover not appearing on Android).


Perhaps the information from this thread gets you closer to a real solution: