Can't edit Roon ROCK drive with mp3tag for Mac

I can edit flac files successfully on my QNAP NAS drive using Mp3tag for mac but when I try to do the same on internal drive of Roon ROCK device I get a message that "Cannot access URL via secure bookmark" error.
I can add, rename or delete files in directory using Finder (as an smb share) so have read / write access.
I can copy files from my internal ROCK drive to a folder on my Macbook Pro and edit the tags using Mp3tag and then copy them to ROCK overwriting the original files but I would rather not have to do that.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
PS Mp3tag for Windows edits the files on the ROCK perfectly!

Can you check if the instructions from this post solve the issue for you:

The problem was solved by issuing the command:
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag SecurityScopedBookmarks
Many thanks for pointing me to the solution - I should have looked more carefully at the forum!

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