Can't get v3.22 to work at all (& I'm NOT using filters)

I want to explain the issue I'm having since August when v3.22 came out.
I installed the new version and since then nothing shows up in any of the categories of the columns that should be propagated with the info re: the typical MP3 information (eg. composer, title, track #, etc.) I tried re-installing it and that didn't help any.

So today I deleted the .exe file and tried to install it again (without the option to delete the Configuration checkbox) & that didn't help.
Then I installed v3.22b and I couldn't get it to work with that Configuration checkbox.
I did see that all the times that I tried to use MP3Tag that down in the bottom right corner were all zeroes (for bytes and whatever it is that comes before that, except for the 0/19 in the 2nd grouping).
I can't get anything to display on the right side within the typical categories that should be easily propagated.

I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

I am running Win10 on my laptop. Please let me know if you need any other information. I'm eager to get back to using MP3Tag that makes my MP3s more professional with all the information that they should have in them.

Thanks, Florian, for what a good job that you do!

Apparently you have loaded 19 files but non of them is being selected?
You could scroll a little to the right and see other information about the files.

Still, could you check the options Ctrl-O >Tags>Mpeg whether you read APE tags?
If so: switch it off and reload the files and see if that helps.

This is related to the filter and not to file selection or APEv2 tags. It means that Mp3tag has loaded 19 files, but displays none because they're being filtered out.

Can you check Manage history from the > button and remove anything that might not belong there?

Edit: similar to what's described here: Issue after upgrading to V3.22