Can't save changes

For some reason, MP3Tag can't save changes to some files, while it will save changes to other files. Thinking some mystery program had locked the files down (very unlikely), I reset. Same problem. Is there someway to extract what's holding down those files?

I recently replaced the data HDD with an SSD. Working with it hasn't shown any obvious problems save losing a couple of apps, not backed up.

could you check the unwilling files for consistency first?

Sigh... it's a Win10 problem. For some obscure reason, much of my music (I shudder to think what else) is locked in Read Only. Trying to clear the collection, to say nothing of individual folders, isn't working. Grrr...

Perhaps you have to change the owner. (Being Admin is sometimes not enough)

I'm pretty sure this outside of the scope of this forum, but even changing the owner hasn't fixed the problem. Grrr...

One of the frustrating parts of this problem is I can change file names without a hint of trouble. Change titles, etc. Not a chance. Say what?!?

So, did you check the files for consistency?

If you mean "are they intact, or correct?", then yes they are. I've played at least severl dozen, if not close to a hundred, files without a glitch. I can change file names. Tags? Don't even ask.

I use an app called PhotoLab5 to "massage" my camera work. It creates and modifies a file holding a record of all the changes made (brightness, contrast, cropping, etc.). At the finished end, I export the image to a .tif file. And it all works as it should. NTL folder is read only. Huh??

It is not enough to play a file. The internal structure could still be messed up.
You should really check them with the tools that are linked in the already referenced thread.

tif is no standard image format for covers. jpg or png are

Mystery explained down to the point of a small curiosity.

MP3Tag was, correctly,barfing on .wav files. I could have sworn they were .mp3's but aren't. MP3Tag's messages explained.

Messing around with PL5, and seeing no errors is also explained. Yes, the folders are marked read only. But the files aren't (teaches me to believe folder properties messages!). Files don't know that and aren't read only. End of the total problem.

Now, why folders are marked read only, and say this applies only to the folder's contents? Beats me, but it's clear I can ignore that little detail.

MP3tag can tag wav files - as long as these are OK.
So it could be a good idea to check these as well and load them into a wav-editor and see if the then saved version can be tagged.

The .wav files were definitely playable. However MP3Tag refused to store the changes. IIRC, .wav files are something of a moving target as far as tags.

However, I'll give the .wav versions a third or fourth or... try..I used EAC to turn the original .wav's into .mp3's. Time to rip them again.

Again: it is no guarantee for integrity if files are playable. You have to check their internal structure. It should be a warning sign if MP3tag cannot tag them.
So it would be a good idea to check the tool chain of the conversion and which program does not produce correct files.

At this point it's all too confusing. I'll blame it on an ion anomaly in the aether flux, and call it good. This explanation is as good as any other. [/grin]

All folders in windows are marked read-only in the explorer but windows knows no read-only flag for folders.The marking in the explorer is only used for files.

Weird. For all the time I've spent with PC's I haven't noticed that until now. Or maybe I noticed it, said "well, that's bogus" and moved on. Anyway, MP3Tag does something unexpected, lights my hair on fire and there we are.

I'm sure Microsoft has an explanation for marking folders read-only. I don't.

So far it looked to me as though it could be expected that messed up files cannot be treated properly.

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The explorer tells clearly that this mark is not for the folder but the files in the folder. Setting the mark or unsetting the mark and saving changes the read-only-attribute according for all files in that folder according to the setting.
Copying additional files into this folder does not set the read-only attribute for these files. Only the active saving with the checkmark set all files in the folder the same again.

That the files were or weren't messed up is moot. They were tossed and the album was recreated.

Since then, I've touched up a 900+ files "album" (collection of the same genre), and no surprises.

[/shrug] Ion anomalies in the æther flux will get you every time.