Can't sort files/dirs in dialog box (v. 3.22b)


I had to upgrade my PC and reinstall Mp3Tag, and now I can't sort the files/dir by date when I try to add a new directory: I used to put the last dir I created on top of the list, but now the list is shown in alphabetical order and there is no way to change it.
Anyh suggestions?
Thanks for help

The selection dialogue for directories is a standard Windows one.
Use the settings in the explorer to get a view that allows you to add the display of properties that you need.
I would recomment the "details" setting and add the creation date as column.

Thanks for your suggestion: the problem in fact is that in v. 3.22b I can't access the "details" setting! Mp3 tag simply ignores it, only switching from "list" to "frames" and "content", or whatever they are called in English (I use the localized version)

This is what the folder selection dialogue looks like over here:

Even though I am not aware of such problems, I would like to point out that there is out now a 3.22c

Ok, I found the bug AND the workaround: if I try to click over "Details", I am forced to "Liste" or "Kacheln" BUT if I click over the cursor and drag the mouse up or down it finally allows me to select the Details pane.
Thanks again for your support, I'll look for v. 3.22c