Capitalizing every first letter even after ( [ characters


I searched the forum and tried a couple solutions but couldn't get to do it.

Any ideas?


You can try to escape them using '(' or '['.

Hi Florian,

Thanks for replying. Can you please show me how to do that. I am not sure how to escape them.

I capitalize using Case Conversion > MixedCase

Thanks again!

Just edit the Case conversion action to add ( and [ symbols in the "words begin from/after any of:" box. That'll do it.

To edit an action - click the Action button on the toolbar. double-click Case Conversion. Double click the text within the resultant box that pops up. Make your changes, click ok until you're done!

Thanks guys, worked great!

Can you explain in details for ONLY the capitalize lettre after '(' ?
Thanks !
Because this works for the sentence :frowning:

If you read

where do you need more


I dosen't see how create the srcipt.
I want to mod this:
"Billie jean (instrumental version)" to "Billie jean (Instrumental version)"
Mixed Case or Sentence is not really the good way if we have after : " - Special Edit" or something like this...

Sorry for my poor english !

I find a way, mod and here is the tip :


I really don't know how it works, it's too embeded for me :frowning: but I think this do the job...

In the FAQs you find more information about actions: