CDG files


Any chance in the future of being able to tag CDG files these are usually made up of
MP3 and BIN file but there is no program to tag them like Mp3Tag. I have as many
CDG files as MP3 and would love to be able to tag them. If samples are needed to
try this process then I will willingly supply them
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Florian can come up with the goods

Enable Support For Karaoke Files in Convert: Tag Filename

IIRC, CDG files don't have tags but are associated with an MP3 file which has the same name as the CDG file (except for the file extension).

Mp3tag already renames corresponding CDG files automatically while renaming MP3 files.


Sorry Florian but what you have suggested does not work. I have even converted CDG files using
MP3+GToolz then tagged the MP3 file using Mp3Tag but when I convert back to CDG the tag
has disappeared.