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Working with ver 2.90a I am unable to change the genre of songs. The genre returns to the original value when I try to save the change.


could this be the cause?

Thank you for responding. My tags don't disappear they simply cannot be changed regardless whether I do this for one single file or for a block of files. E.g. a song is tagged as Rock 'n' Roll and I want it to be Pop, I click on the genre window arrow, select Pop in the dropdown and the window no shows Pop. When I then save the change with Ctrl+s the tag Rock 'n' Roll reappears in the window and nothing has changed.


Please check which tag versions you read and write in
It could be that you read APE tags but you do not write them.
(This was also part of the linked thread)

I use a list of custom tags (since about one year) and this has not been changed since. This worked fine until the last time I used MP3tag (some 2 month ago). After updating to ver 2,90a recently I use MP3tag for the first time today. MP3tag recognizes my custom genre table only it doesn't apply it.

Could you try to delete the genre field and then add it again?
I still think that this has something to do with the update of the tag-panel features.

Can you please check whether you have any duplicate tag fields listed at "Options > Tag Panel"? If so, please remove the duplicates and try again.

I wanted to attach a screenshot of my settings but this didn't work so I give it like this
LESEN: ID3v1, ID3v2 not ape
SCHREIBEN : ID3v1, ID3v2 not ape
below that only radiobutton ID3v2.3 UTF-16 is selected

ENTFERNEN all three (ID3v1, ID3v2, ape) are selected.

As you see I Use the German version and LESEN means, READ, Schreiben means WRITE and ENTFERNEN means REMOVE .

In fact I had 8 duplicate entries in Tag-panel &Genre amongst them.
Now let me try with the duplicates eliminated.

That change did it. I thank you very much for your help en expertise in this matter

Vielen Dank,

Peter Petula

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