How do I change : "THE ARTIST" to ARTIST,THE

see this thread from 2008:

BUT: IMHO it does not make any sense.
You would get just as many exceptions as entries that follow the rule.

If you want to see all Beatles tracks under "B" and not also some under "T", then consider to use the ~SORT fields like ARTISTSORT in which enter the favoured name but keep the original as it was (The Beatles, e.g., changed the name a couple of times around on the albums).
If your player does not use the ~SORT fields, then you would still get 2 entries for such names like "The Beatles" vs. "Beatles" or "The Rolling Stones" vs. "Rolling Stones".
So it might be much more straight forward to remove the "The" alltogether.
Would this apply only to English artists that have a "the" as name starter? Or would you also consider indefinite articles like "A" in "A Flock of seagulls" or "A man called Adam", "A tribe called quest".
Also, this is my alltime favourite for swapping the "the": "The The" which would become "The, the"

I found the answer posted in the communiy.

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