Change the cover's description in batch

Hi ohrenkino,

I've been going through the different threads and this seems the closest solution (maybe). I'm not quite understanding how one could change the cover's description in a batch.

Is it actually possible to take the title and artist and create a new description?

Could you point me in the right direction please

The description is a fixed string and no format string.
This means: only real words, no variables or scripting functions.
Or in other words: the string is not dynamic and creates the contents from other sources like tag fields

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Thank you for the clarification

How would I change the cover's description on 100 files in one go?

I just tried 10 files, did a right mouse click over the cover and used "Set cover description. After it asked me if I wanted to save, which I did. The original text is the same.

Is there a solution for that?

Try the action "Set cover properties"

I don't have that option when use right mouse click


I bet you have, esp. if you look at the little word

Please check out the toolbar for "Actions (quick)" and also follow the linked description of action if you do not feel comfortable with the action alone.

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It was flat in my face many times before. Thank you. Enjoy your evening/day.

I've just checked and this works here (as it's supposed to). Can you re-check?

I was able to reproduce it myself and fixed it with Mp3tag v3.14a.

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