Multiple selected cover descriptions can't be deleted at once

I try to delete no more needed cover descriptions.
For that I select 2 tracks in my example and right click on the cover part in the left tag panel and choose
Set cover description
from the context menu.

If I do not enter anything, I would assume that it would delete any existing entries.
This is currently not the case.


BTW: As far as I can see, we can't set any other text to multiple tracks at once too.

Maybe related:

Can't reproduce here, are you saving ID3v2?

I would say: Yes.

OK, I'll leave this open then for now until I find a way to reproduce this.

I can select two files with varying covers and set/remove the description without problems. The change is then immediately reflected in the file list.

Would you like to have my 2 files to check it?

Yes, I can try and see if I can reproduce it with those.

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Can you check if it's different in any way if you press Ctrl+S instead of triggering the auto-save notification?

CTRL + S DOES save the changes on both files and I can see it on the columns immediately!

Just for the record:
CTRL + Z doesn't seem to undo this manually saved step.

OK, thanks for confirming and for adding to my confusion :smiley: I'll need to analyze that further and will keep you posted.

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Maybe it depends on my Messages settings?

It's an internal issue which I'm now able to reproduce. Thanks for reporting!

I'll fix it with the next release.

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This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.14a.

Should a deleted cover description for multiple selected files disappear immediately in the column view after pressing the OK-Button in the "Set cover description" window with the new version 3.14a?

No, of course only after saving.

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