Changing all files album field to their parent folder's name

Under folder 1 there are 12 folders, under each one about 50 files. Let's say folder one is "Bach concertos", I'd like to change automatically all the files' album field to "Bach concertos" (their parent folder name) and I'd like the same action to be done throughout all the twelve folders, bach sonatas, bach suites etc, without doing it one by one.

This task is probably quite basic, I'd like to do the same thing with the artist field. Let's say under baroque folder, change all the folders under vivaldi, and bach, and geminiani etc.

How to do it?


To help you more, we need screenshots

a) from your current windows explorer view with your \Bach concertes folder and one example folder down to your files

b) how you would like to see it finally. Just create one folder manually and take a screenshot

c) from ALT + T from one of your files to see what tags you already have embedded.

Try Converter>Filename-Tag
add path components to the mask separated by a backslash and use %dummy% for all the parts of the more and mor fully qualified filename that you do not need.
See also the documentation

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