Chapters Toggle in MKV

'lo Florian,

Your (fantastic) software presents the whole list of MKV chapters in a file, if existing.
For me - I insist : for me - I find that annoying.
I would appreciate a setup checkbox for toggling on/off that possibility.

On : all chapters
Off : only the first chapter.

But Hey, don't worry if that represents a tricky development, or if the community find this silly...
It's not of vital importance and I will accomodate with.

Grüße aus Lyon, France

It's noted and I've added it to my internal wish list.

Kind regards
— Florian

really interested in this too.

and it took a lot more to organize and batch change/add cover to my 4 thousand files, because it goses unnecessarily chapter by chapter

Interested too.

Is there a solution?

Workaround: ffmpeg -movflags disable_chpl

No, except for not using chapters.

This topic is about chapters in Matroska. Your workaround is for MP4. The same can be achieved in Mp3tag by right-click on the MP4 file and choosing "Strip MP4 chapters".

I've added an advanced configuration option to toggle listing chapters as separate files with Mp3tag v2.91e. It's disabled by default and you can enable it via "Options > Tags > Advanced".

Perfekt, Florian ! Thanks a lot.

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