Cleaning up and Removing ID3v1 and APE tags

I am using mp3tag on Mac and have read a few different threads on here about removing APE tags. I think I have understood how to do it but I would just like a little more guidance. For example I read the thread below:

After doing so, my settings are Read ID3v1 and ID3v2, but only write ID3 v2.3 and remove ID3v1 and APE (see attached screen shot).
Screenshot 2023-10-01 at 21.38.15

Then I went to "file" and clicked "Refresh" (see screen shot)

However, while all files now appear as ID3v2.3 some still have brackets containing either (ID3v1) or (APEv2) or both. Why is this? I assume that it's because some of the files contain tag info associated with those tag formats.

MP3tag does not remove any data on its own.
You have to explicidly cut the tags to also remove them
So if you want to remove ID3V1 and APE tags then tick only these in the "Remove" section. Do not tick ID3v2.

Then load the files,
select the files
and use Edit>Cut Tag
to remove the tags.
This will take a little as the data has to removed physically from the files and it could be that the files have to consequently be re-written.
If you check the files afterwards, only ID3V2 tags should remain.
"Refresh" reloads files (only) which is useful, if others programs have treated the files.

Thank you. That worked perfectly! Much appreciated.

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