How do i convert all my tags to ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4)


I was noticing that some of the tag changes i made where being reverted back to what they were in iTunes. Reading on the net i think its something to do with different tag versions.

So, im trying to convert all my tags to ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4) (thats the newest version right?) - or is there a "bettter" version that i should convert them all to?

Ive only said ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4), because thats what most (but not all) of the my music tags already are, and its the newest (right?)

Ive tried fiddling in Tools > Options > Tags, but just make a mess (and now have some APE?)

So, how do i convert all my tags to the same format? And which format is it best for me to convert them all to?


If you use iTunes do not use ID3v2.4 in Mp3tag!
Use only v2.3

To convert tags, go to the options, Tags > Mpeg and choose your desired tag version, then select all files you want to convert and use "Save Tag" (Ctrl+S)

Hi dano,

Thanks for the reply.

Ohhh k... why? iTunes supports v2.4 (Advaned > Convert ID3 tag > v2.4) so why only use 2.3. I think thats what was causing me the problem of my tags reverting back to what they originally were.

Also, whats APE? Is it better than ID3? Should i use that instead? Does iTunes support it?

Finally, im kinda confused with the options in Tags. What options should i use to get all the same version tags?

Read all, but only write ID3 v2.3 and remove ID3v1 and APE?

Thanks for the help

iTunes support v2.4 but not 100% correctly and there can be troubles. It's not safe.

APE is another tag format, but only a few programs support it, itunes does not. Don't use it.

Yes this is good. You should even disable APE at Read.
Now you can use the "Remove tag" (Ctrl+R) command to remove the ID3v1 and APE tags so you only have ID3v2.3

Thanks, looks that that CTRL + R did it.

I now have just "ID3v2.3 (ID3v2.3)" - thats good right?

BTW, what does that actually mean? I mean, ID3v2.3 means that, but what about the brackets?

ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4) - does that mean theres also ID3v1 and v2.4 info in there?