Clearing out ID3v1.1 tags

I came across an MP3 album that has both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1.1 tags. VLC is reading the v1.1 ones, and displays tag information that I don't want, and isn't displaying what I do want.

In a prior thread I learned that for FLAC files that have both Vorbis and ID3v2 tags I can use Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V to clear the ID3v2 tags. But this does not work here. Both the ID3v2.3 and ID3v1.1 tags remain.

Also in that prior thread was a comment about MP3tag not supporting ID3v1 tags.

The issue is the DISCNUMBER tag. Other tags I can change.

So how can I clean out the tags I don't want?

I hope that this was in the context of FLAC files. Otherwise it is not true.

What have you set in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg?
If you want to remove ID3V1 tags then you have to enable "Delete" for these.
If you do not want to update them again, do not enable to write them.

If you "Delete" only for ID3V1 (and APE) but not ID3V2 then you can simply cut the tags without the need to paste them again.

Thanks. I am almost entirely FLAC. So I've used MP3tag for few MP3 files. Yes, the not supporting ID3v1 tags was in the context of FLAC.

That Mpeg options page had the defaults. Never seen it before. I checked to remove ID2v1 and APE, but not ID3v2. I did Ctrl-X. The ID3v1 were removed. But I still have the wrong Disc Number in VLC, which is apparently reading a tag with a different name.

You could check which field features the data that you do not want in the extended tags dialogue.
Select a file with the wrong discnumber and press ALT-T

Also, it may be necessary to clear the VLC cache/database

Long before I posted here I checked the Extended Tags. It only shows the DiscNumber that I want.

To clear the wasteful VLC art cache I have a batch file on my Desktop. I clear it often. But clearing the art doesn't clear this bogus disc number.

So, is your problem solved?

No. It is not solved.

So is it now a VLC player problem or is there anything that should be done in MP3tag?
If the latter is true, then please tell us which steps you took as requested in

and what the extended tags dialogue of such a file looks like and what the results of the various test tools were.

If you have cleared the old v1 data from the file, that is all you can do from within mp3tag. Does VLC store it’s own library of the metadata info? There must be a way to force it to refresh that from your current info. Usually in the file or settings menu somewhere.

Most other players I have seen do. Except for iTunes of course, which requires some outside influence to force the update with a script.

I've given up and I've moved on.

To answer your question on VLC, it reads all the tags when it loads the tracks in. When it gets to playing that track, it checks the major tags to see if they have changed, and updates if they have. The only way to update the minor tags is to reload all the tracks into VLC again.

What is unknown is just what tag names it is reading and putting into the columns. For the column "Disc number" there is an order of tag names that it checks. It is reading some tag and using that before it reads DISCNUMBER.