Codec / Version

Simple Question, why can't you delete / edit it?
Many other programs take care of it with ease, so why not Mp3tag?

Would you please name me the "Many other programs..." that handle this? I know of none, other than AtomicParsley for the MP4 container.


For the Pc it would be:

an AtomicParsley based GUI Program, called TvTagger. (there are 3 versions of it, the ones before 3.0, 3.0 and the final build, they may sound like they are the same, but they have 3 complete different looks / functions.


An API called "Elementary" which is in a very early state, sadly the author has abbadoned it.

And for the Macintosh it would be:



(im not 100% sure on this one) MetaX.

I do not know if they work for mp3, but i never got that tags before on a mp3, only on mp4.
Do those tags appear on .mp3?

I was pretty sure that there were not "Many other programs". All Codecs have a codec name. Most names are under the tag "Tool", and the codec type under "Codec". AtomicParsley is the only tagging program that I know of that changes the "Tool" tag (MP4 container only). Every other program treats that field as static and unchangeable.

Let me check if thats true..


Maybe not "Many other programs" but still, nevertheless "some" programs to do it with, tvtagger is atmoicparsley based tho, but lostify may edit the same field.

However that wasn't my question, i was asking why Mp3tag, a such powerful program is not able to edit that field.

I only have 2 guesses.

That Atomicparsley is some sort of a complex-coded program that can't be altered/nor pasted in Mp3tag.

Or that its against the law or whatnot to change the codec, which makes no sense but whatever.

Hmm, I do not understand why a codec info should be changed by a user.
As I understand the codec info it is an information about the technical process how the musicfile has been generated, and it says something about the technical quality of the musical contents. Therefore the one codec info is bound to the one compressed musicfile.
You are free to alter the codec resp. codec info by recoding the compressed musicfile using some other codec out of the set of available codecs, with side effect of changing the technical quality attributes.

The only need I can see to change a codec info after first time generation of the compressed musicfile is the case when a musicfile has been corrupted, and it needs to be repaired, and this should be done in a programmatic way only.


Yea, that would be great and whatnot, except for one problem, i am a perfection whore.
Cannot stand that one File has the (eRightSoft) Tag while the other one hasn't, don't try to understand it, its complicated and i can't stand that attitude of mine either.
As messy as i can be in reallife, virtual data has to be organized, not cluttered, stylish and in this case perfectly tagged.

After all it's not much of a problem for me since i got programs to clean the tag, just was wondering why mp3tag isn't able to do so.

Sad that this topic got so many answers while i didn't really care about it much.
My other topic which i really care about is slipping down the list.

Pardon me, but you asked the questions. We assumed you wanted us to help you find an answer. Also, as you call yourself a perfection whore, how can you call anything that the codec puts there anything but perfect?

I've just had a look at your IPB picture from above post.
There might be something of misunderstanding about the terms "codec" and "encoder".

A codec is a device or program capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital data stream or signal. The word codec may be a combination of any of the following: 'compressor-decompressor', 'coder-decoder', or 'compression/decompression algorithm'. (Wikipedia)

An Encoder is a person or a software application, say manufacturer of the musicfile that has been generated or compiled by using some codec algorithm.

The ID3 documentation includes a section "4.2.2. Involved persons frames" describing an ID3 tagfield TENC:
The 'Encoded by' frame contains the name of the person or organisation that encoded the audio file. This field may contain a copyright message, if the audio file also is copyrighted by the encoder.

Mp3tag is able to display and change this TENC tagfield using the Mp3tag placeholder %ENCODEDBY%.

Mp3tag provides a read only information placeholder %_CODEC% that displays the name of the involved codec. As far as I know this technical codec info is not a tagfield of the ID3 specification.


Codec or Encoder, whatever.

I am a perfectionist pimp. I'm probably worse than the thread starter. I even never resize or move windows since install. Just have this insane likeness to default settings.

Regarding that "just one" different encoder (or codec) info, it's just like having dung in your front porch and can't do anything about it.

I can C. I hate C++. I code Java with my eyes closed. I even code those funny sharp languages from 1000 miles away. But since my money making activity is far from computing world, I just have to quit my job if I want to write my own codec info modifier.

So here's the next best thing I'll do.

I re-encode it back & forth with my favourite encoder.

Since my collection is all lossless, I have no problem.