Collapasable folders


I just made an account to request that you consider adding folder headers, and that it would be Collapasable.

I know this might have been requested before, it would really help streamline the workflow especially for large collections. Maybe add it as an option?

Mp3tag is hands down the most advanced/complete featured tagger I have tried. Only reason not using it expect for the more advanced manipulations is that having a folder header that you can collapse helps with the following:
1- You can check with one glance if that folder's fixed tags (Like Album, Album Artist, Year etc.) is set correctly, provided of course that you add that feature.
To clarify if for example the Album Artist for the whole album is the same value it will be written in the header.
2-If you have the same artist with multiple albums, with collapsed folders view you can quickly check if the genre for that artist if set correctly, and if the date of albums are also set correctly without much scrolling.
3-When you viewing a large collection of folders it helps to see where the folder ended and where a new one starts.



It has, e.g. in these threads:

and more

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