Feature Suggestion: Folder tree


That'd be lovely to optionally have a folder tree on the left to save some time on Ctrl-D action.


The problem with such a folder tree is:
when do you start reading the files in that tree.
If click on an entry - may be ok for mouse-only actions.
But what about keyboard handling? Manoeuvering by cursor sets the focus on every directory on the way so that numouerous times files are read probably for nothing... not really convenient.

What do you do until all the files have been read? Block the program so that no further action is allowed? Or do you allow interruptions? Then you cannot be sure that you got all the files...
So, in a way I think the Ctrl-D way is not quite as inconvenient as it may look at the first glance.
Separating the selection from the reading creates a clear workflow.

If you want to have a directory tree open, why not use the Windows Explorer?
You can navigate in that tree freely, copy the path from the address bar and paste it into MP3tag's directory field and press Enter to read that path (only).

Drag'n'drop from Windows Explorer is another possibility.

Thanks for pointing out the drag-n-drop thing. I'm more of a keyboard guy and tree navigation feels more robust than mouse operation or, how I do now, Ctrl-D, copy-paste path to folder, Enter. I, however, understand certain challenges with tree implementation...

Here's an idea which won't involve tree, but could speed-up process. Since drag-n-drop works, Mp3tag is aware of how to parse shell data. What if main window would also handle a paste from clipboard operation and, if there's shell's data about folder in the clipboard, would read the contents of this folder into the list? As an example: let's say I'm working on the folder X in Mp3tag; I switch to Explorer and select folder Y, then press Ctrl-C; then I switch back to Mp3tag and press Ctrl-V -> Mp3tag opens folder Y. I can see it definitely more robust then going Ctrl-D route. What do you guys think?


At the end of this post ...
gesuchte title aus TCM einfachst nach MP3Tag übergeben
... I have made a rather similar proposal for using path entries from the Clipboard.

A simple general usage of [Ctrl]+[V] from within Mp3tag, as you have described, seems not so easy to be realized, because Mp3tag has its own Clipboard functionalities, which are controlled by the known Clipboard shortcut keys.


I'm not aware of Mp3tag internals, but from where I stand, simple check whether the list of files is in edit mode to not to override default clipboard behavior should be sufficient. Even Ctrl-V is the problem, we still have plenty of other unused keys in the vincinity of Ctrl-V: Ctrl-Q, Ctrl-W, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-F, Ctrl-B. Any of these could "paste" the folder into Mp3tag without messing with default clipboard operations.


first, thank you for this great software. I've tried many others but this is the best and never had a issue.
Before it I've used eMusic Tag Editor (no longer supported and limited to mp3 files) and I still use it (or TagBox in Foobar 2000) when I have many folder\subfolders to tag or some correction to do because al last for me a left panel with folder tree to navigate is more suitable and fast.
Hope that in the future you will consider to add this option.
Still thanks

What about the tree solution in posts 2 and 3?

Ctrl-D and drag-n-drop? After reading this topic I've tried both and they are good alternatives to folder tree but not the same (still more steps).
A folder tree with two buttons (scan or not folder when selected and scan subolders) seems to me more convenient; maybe only because I've get use to folder tree after working with it from the beginning.
Of course, when I searched some years ago a new supported tagging software (and not only for mp3) I choosed Mp3Tag; there are alternatives with folder tree, but not at the same level. For my simple needs I consider it the best: clean interface, stable and never a issue, powerfull and easy to use. So thanks to the developers to create it.
Folder tree is to be interpreted as the cherry on top. :slight_smile: