Edit TAG only F2 key; Internal music player; tree view for folders

Hi guys!
I really need some help with this 3 problems:

  1. I want to edit a random tag ONLY when i pres F2. by default it's set to edit when you click on it. also it's a bit wierd that when you click on a track it select the whole row...not a specific tag where you click. This can be done ? (To be more specific i want to select a tag from a track, e.g.: "Album" or "Rating" and edit that tag ONLY when i press F2)

  2. Mp3tag has an internal music player ? because i often play a track before i tag it. and when you have a lot of tracks it's slow to play externally.

  3. Mp3tag has a tree view for folders ? it's much faster and intuitive to change the working directory by this metod.

It will be so cool to see this things implemented if not already implemented.

[sorry for my english i'm not native :smiley: ]

1: you can delete the names in the field definition in the file list to get read only fields. YOu then would have to edit each field in the tag panel. Also, clicking on any read-only field in the file list ends the edit mode.

2: it has not. You can define more or less any player you like. Playing while editing is usually a bad idea as this frequently leads to locked files.

3: no, there is not. There is a thread dating back to 2005 and some from 2009: /t/8895/1
But you can use the Windows Explorer and drag&drop folders from there.

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