Comment field not properly displayed in Windows Explorer

Hi everyone,

I made modifications on my mp3 files through the mp3 tag software. But after I did so, the comments field in Windows Explorer didn't show my previous tags in the comments field I had put in my mp3 files. I see the option "keep" in the left area of the software, under comments. I tried to erase this field of tags, then I put the comment I want to put and I save the mp3 files. But in Windows Explorer, there's no modification, the field is still blank.
So how do I do to set the comments field in Windows Explorer as I want using mp3 tag and avoiding to have to right-click on each file and put the comments manually ? Because it would take so much time to do it manually. I have also noticed that when I right-click on the top of comments field,
I have access to columns, and in the dialog box that appears, I click on comment and I have succeeded in typing a "s" in comments.
The version of mp3 tag I use is 2.75, I'm under Windows 10, and I use the french language in the software.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for answering.

'Comment' tag not being displayed within 'comments' tag in windows

[X] Setting comment field

In addition to the topics poster referred to, you can try to set the ID3v2 comment language code (ISO-639-2) at Options > Tags > Advanced to fra (if you're using a French version of Windows) and save the tags again.

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Thanks you very much Florian, it worked perfectly.