Composer Information Will Not Save

I Like To Have The Composer Information On My Tracks.

I Enter It Save As Always And On Multiple Instances It Will NOt Save The Composer Information At Anytime?

Any Help Would Be Appreciated!


Perhaps you encounter something like this:

Can you please share which version you're using and the contents of the usrfields.ini from %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data?

I am having a similar problem, except that nothing I enter in the any of the fields get saved. I am working on windows 10 using mp3tag v2.88a. It was working fine two versions ago, but now it's not saving at all. I am new to using this application, but it did work fine before. Please help.

Please check if you have APE tags in the files.
You can see that e.g. in a column fairly far to the right.
Or apply this filter:
%_tag% HAS APE
If you see files in the files list with APE tags then remove the APE tags.

My Composer Field Is Blank
When I Select < Keep> Still Nothing Happens?

Tried To Attach A Screen Shot But Wasn't Sure How?

Totally Love The Program!


What happens if you update to the latest version?