Connected device not appearing in Directory list

I'm a newbie to MP3tag, so forgive me if this question has been asked before. I've searched but can't find anything.
When I connect my android phone (version 10) to my laptop (Windows 10), it appears in Windows File Explorer, where all music files can be, well, explored.
However, when I try to access these files from MP3tag, the android device drive does not appear. Therefore I have to copy to the hard drive, where they are then recognised by MP3tag.
Subsequently I have to copy them back to the android device.
Am I missing something obvious? Any suggestions gratefully accepted.
P.S. I'm not a techie!

Hi and welcome,

there are two different device modes for USB devices and it seems that your device currently requires access via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). MTP is not supported by Mp3tag.

In some cases it’s possible to change the USB mode to Mass Storage Device, but this differs from device to device.

Hi Florian
Thanks for your very prompt reply. It appears that in order to change the USB mode on my phone I would have to root it first, which, after reading several internet articles, I am not really prepared to do.
Also, I believe that Samsung actively discourage it, and would invalidate the warranty.

Therefore, I am content to leave well alone and continue copying files between phone and laptop. It's a small inconvenience, offset by the usefulness of your excellent application.


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I think "rooting" is not quite correct - you have to enable the usb debugging mode to be able to select the USB mode.
Search for "android usb debug mode" and find e.g. this page with a little guide how to do that.

Depending on the adb driver on your PC not all devices are then recognized in USB mode.

Hey Chris,
as an technical newbie you should not

  • activate debugging / installing drivers using adb (android debugging bridge)
  • root device or change anything somthing outside user space
    (btw. you not just loose garantie, you would open security risks, won't be able to use banking apps etc. - simply: don't do it! :nerd_face: )

MTP is an protocol for transfering data to/from multimedia devices.
It has some advantages for "normal" dau-users but only offers base features and is f*cking slow.

Hi Peter
Thanks for that. From reading lots of information on rooting, debugging and adb, that is the very conclusion I arrived at.
I'll stick to the tried and tested method I've been using, if a little long-winded. It's safe and it works!

Was it IBM who came up with KISS? Keep It Simple, Stupid!


I don't think that came from IBM but it's mostly the best solution.

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