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In explorer the Mp3tag context menu used to load the ENTIRE folder contents into Mp3tag by right-clicking on any of the files once. With the latest version now only that PARTICULAR file is would have to drag-select in explorer each file you wanted to edit.

Would there be an option to change this back to the previous manner... I'm lazy :slight_smile:


Hi. I have a similar problem, and I dunno if it's related to my pc, but with previous version I could choose 10 mp3 files, right clicking them and they would have appeared all together in mp3tag main window. Now context menu works only with a single file, no way to launch mp3tag if I choose more than one file at a time.

Please make sure that you have the Explorer Shell Extension installed (choose the option during installation).

After that you can simply choose the 'Mp3tag' item from the context-menu to send multiple files to Mp3tag. This also works on whole directories when choosing this command from the context menu of a directory.

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Thanks for your response, but after a reinstall per your instructions v238 still will still only load a SINGLE file in a directory full of mp3s after a SINGLE right-click select.

I just reloaded v237 and things are back to normal :slight_smile: Keep up the great work.

thx dS

ps. I've also noticed that 'PATH' in columns is now different than previous versions (it's currently non-Alphabetical).

This is intendend. If you want to load a complete directory, please click the corresponding item in the directory context menu.

Just click on the column header to sort the column.

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If you know how to edit the registry you can search for the Mp3tag entry and change the value of the "Command" key from i.e.
"C:\Programme\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "/fn:%1"
"C:\Programme\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "/fp:%1"

then the folder is loaded.

Or you make a second key so you can choose from both methods.

Method without registry

Open Windows Explorer. Choose Menu "Tools > Folder Options..."
Go to the tab "File Types"

There's the list "Registered file types:"
Find your desired Extension e.g. MP3 (you can press "M" to find it faster) and select it.
Now click on "Advanced" (on the bottom).

Select the entry "Mp3tag" and click "Edit"
You should see a command like this:
"C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "/fn:%1"
Just change it to
"C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "/fp:%1"

Confirm everything with OK.

You could also leave the standard entry alone and create a second entry for Mp3tag.
Then you have the choice if you want to load a single file or a complete directory.

Thanks abunch! That did the trick... here is the key I found to change the context menu to the old mp3tag behavior:

I'll still stand by my claim that the 'PATH' column in v238 has changed from previous versions (even when refreshing/reloading the screen)... sorry FH.

Thanks Dano :slight_smile: I prefer loading the whole directory.

Please forgive this "me too" post, but this reg hack has helped me considerably as well. I had no idea the behavior had changed and wasn't very happy with the surprise.

Make no mistake: I love this program! I wish the shell integration and configuration import would get a little more attention. These reg hacks are cumbersome.

This Workaround doesn't work with Windows 7... :frowning:

Can you be more specific?
What have you done to check it out?
Maybe you have fallen victim to the 'registry redirection'?
Maybe you are looking at the registry from the 64-bit view?
Search for a registry node like "Wow6432Node" and subtree if this is possible.


Da ich grad sehen dass Du mein Nachbar bist (wohne in Remscheid) schreib ich mal auf Deutsch:

Ich habe mit Regedit unter Windows 7 RC 32bit alle Einträge die MP3tag betreffen von /fn in /fp geändert, trotzdem wird beim Rechtsklick auf eine MP3 Datei und nach klicken auf "Öffnen mit -> MP3tag" nur eine Datei in MP3tag geöffnet. Unter WinXP werden alle MP3s übernommen.

Hab grad rausgefunden dass alle Titel übernommen werden wenn ich auf den Ordner rechtsklicke und dann MP3Tag drücke. Wenn ich aber im Ordner alle Dateien markiere habe ich kein Kontextmenü für "Öffnen mit".

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