Convert Filename to Tag - buttons greyed out

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Trying to use the program as effectively as possible. When I open the convertor the Preview and OK buttons are greyed out,

Any ideas as to why that is the case and how to fix it?

Also in the File List there are Size and Date Created entries but can't see corresponding tags to add when I click on the little arrow on the right or in the Extended Fields, any suggestions?

Sorry to bother you again and thanks in advance for your assistance.

Use only as many parts as you see in the filename:
INXS - The Swing.mp3
has only 2 parts:

The buttons (and the immediate preview above the buttons) becomes active, as soon as your Format string with the %VARIABLES% are valid.

These are not contents in your tags.
These are properties of your files (reported from your operating system like "Windows 10").
You can not change them in Mp3tag.

Ta, KyricsLover, but OOps, got me there. Erased the default entries and added just %artist% in the text box and the preview button becomes active and writes artist and title in my Artist Tag box > INXS - The Swing.
I have separate Tag boxes for them - got around that by adding

  • %title% which separates the entries in preview and hopefully puts them in the right boxes,

Adding - %length% and or - %bitrate% to it greys out the preview button ( LENGTH field - BITRATE field )

this what it looks like:
%artist% - %title% - %length% - %bitrate%

These are all the fields I'd like to bring over and maybe Year as well.

Do they need to be converted individually or is there something amiss in the syntax ?

Where do you find the data for these fields?
The currently visible filename does not offer this information.

Is an ID3 field but it has no relevanz in respect to the real lenght of a file. You can enter anything you like in that field.

If you want to see that what the ripping program has entered in the file header, then use _LENGTH - but this property cannot be changed by MP3tag.

Hiya ohrenkino

The File List columns which get filled in I presume automatically for the files such as these for this file:
Codec - MPEG 1 Layer 111
Bitrate - 192 kbit/s
Frequency: 44100 Hz
Length: 03:52
Year is one that I need to enter manually so forget that one

I thought since fields exist for them it would be neat if they could be brought over and displayed and saved and form part of the Tag Panel instead of having to hunt for them in the File List and added manually to the tag boxes I created for them.

You cannot save the properties that start with an underscore in the name (with the exception of the filename and current directory).
For the idea to see these fields in the tag panel, see this thread:

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