Convert tags now adding ".wav" and "number" to Track Title display

A few months ago I successfully used MP3TAG to display just these 2 fields:

A few days ago I added additional files to my Aurender and noticed I needed to update to current version of MP3TAG.

However now I'm additional info added to song title - example of Michael Franks' "Hits" album and track "Eggplant"

The display now shows:
02. Eggplant.wav

The magic numbering seems to work OK.
I've tried various versions of tagging "Convert" options - some process song title OK but adds ".wav" to artist name.

I'm using these strings:
%artist% - %title%
%artist% %title%

Reading HELP and a few previous threads, I remain hopelessly lost on how to solve this problem.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - thank you!

Try Converter>Filename-Tag
Mask: %track%. %title%

If your player still shows nothing but

then it probably does not read tags in WAV files.
You could try to convert them (with another program) to FLAC and see whether the player can cope with FLAC files. If not ... use a different player.

I successfully used MP3TAG with many, many WAV files previously before upgrading to new version.
The problem just began with v3.11

What is "Mask" and should it be used in string?

Honestly, I don't believe you.
Could you please show us what you did with which function and what it looks like in the program that displays the data in a way that you don't like? you're calling me a liar when I simply request help?

I don't think that it is related to V3.11 but to something else.
That is why I ask you to please show us what you did.

"Mask" is a synonym for "Format string".



Thanks for the reply.

I'm simply trying to display:
without the additional "track number" and "wav"

%artist% %title%
I get the errors noted above.

Thanks again for your help!

Which function do you use?

How do I post a screenshot?

I did the same string in your photo: %track% %title" with same results
I then changed to: %artist% %title% and results were:
artist 02.
title eggplant

Note "period" added after 02

Function used:

"Filename - Tag"

The filename has a pattern consisting of a number, a dot, a space and some text.
In the "format string" you tell MP3tag which piece from the filename should be stored in which field.
So if you tell MP3tag

You put "02." into the field ARTIST and "eggplant" into TITLE.
(I do not see any information that looks like an artist's name - MP3tag cannot guess that ...)
If you have a dot and a space as separator between the pieces of information, then use
Format string: %track%. %title%
If you really only want to extract the data for TITLE, then use
Format string: %dummy%. %title%
Do you have the information for ARTIST somewhere, e.g. in the folder name?
Then it could be possible to extract that also. You would have to show us a real foldername and filename.

How do I post a screenshot of my MP3TAG page so you can see exactly?

I last used the software a few months ago using tags: %artist% %title%

It always displayed "Artist and Title" correctly without adding ".wav" and additional numbering.

In the upper lefthand side, the first field is "Title" - it has 3 options

Completely blank (nothing in the field)

I've tried all 3 options - same results

Still: the filename that you show us does not show any artist name. So where should it come from?
The format string that you use does not really match the data found in the filename. So the result is not quite up to what you intended to get. But that is what you told MP3tag to import.

Do you refer to the tag panel? This has nothing to do with importing data from filenames.
Could we stay with the function Convert>Filename-Tag?

As you can see, you already have
filled in the tags of your song on the left side (aka "Tag panel").

If you additionally want to import the title from your existing filename, use this Format string in your Convert -> Filename - Tag:
%dummy%. %title%

This will discard everything and including the dot and space and then import the remaining text into your tag TITLE.

I simply want ONLY the "Artist" and "Title"

What string should used to obtain this display?

I've tried %artist% %title% but it failed as seen in my screenshot.