Copy filename to something other than title?

I have my whole music library correctly tagged the way I wanted songs, artists, genres etc. I plan on converting the title and artist to filename BUT I was hoping to first copy whatever is in the filename something I don't use like ALBUM ARTIST. Because I want to eventually go back and find some of the remixers names in the filename. But I want my filenames to be clean NOW, and then I will work on going through the album artist to pull out the remixers...if that makes sense?

Basically im looking to do FILENAME - ALBUM ARTIST

Is this possible?

This is possible, use the converter for Filename->Tag and choose which field you want to use.

But rather than overwrite this into a standard field, why not use a user-defined field that won’t show up in any regular players in the meantime. You can choose some name like Old_Filename and still use this later in mp3tag.

Ok I will give that a shot..the filename to tag. I guess I don't know what you mean. I use Serato Pro and in that program album artist is an option so I can also edit in that program too. Not all the fields in mp3tag are in Serato.

I was thinking this would be easier to do in mp3tag than most other music programs, including Serato. But if you do need the filename data in the meantime, then I guess using a field like AlbumArtist is an option for now.

Ive seen other programs that claim to extract the remixer from the filename. not sure how accurate it is. Thanks for the info!

A real filename would be nice.

Do you refer to the field MIXARTIST? Or which field does your player display?

See also here:

That’s good to know for future that I can find the remixer field. But yeah for now I’m ok with just copying the file name over to a new unused field. ( I do use comments myself in sersto also) a program called lexicon $16 a month claims to be able to extract the remixer from the file name.

Honestly, if you showed us a real filename then we could probably think of something to get the remixer without the $16 fee.

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