Copy paste tags with options for artwork

I'm hoping to have the option to overwrite, keep or even add to existing artwork when copying tags for just artwork.

Often times the music I'm copying to has worse or better quality artwork so it would be great to have the choice here.

Seeing as the undo fn doesn't work with artwork it would be great to have a preference in the settings or a GUI when pasting leaving it more flexible.


I agree that it would be nice to have a a more flexible option for C&P. But I would wish it for all tags. Often I want to copy only some of the tags and often it is something like UNSYNCEDLYRICS where if I have to use the tag-panel or the extended tag-view because there is no way to set equal content to marked tag-fields.

Well, the undo fn works with artwork too, but it doesn't work seperately.

I use foobar2000s select copy and paste field method if I'm stuck for more than one fleld.

That has been mentioned countless times before. So I didn't bother. But I do agree, if foobar can do it so can this amazing app.

The artwork for me is slightly different because more often than not the copied files have all my organised tags and it's the artwork that's the deciding factor when pasting.

Just to clarify: you can Copy covers via right-click on the cover art window and paste it to other files. Is this something that would be working for you?

Quoting (proudly) from the Changelog:

Yes, no problem there, just an option to copy the tags but have the oprion to overwrite, keep or even add to existing artwork would be great.

Indeed it does, just checked. Sorry I missed that. Still, my requests remains :slight_smile: