Copy pasting filename tag

I use copy paste to transfer tags from one file to another, but the filename doesn't change with this.

Is there any way to do this?

Copying tags really only copies the embedded metadata (tags).
The filename is a managing property for the underlying filesystem.
You would have to rename the file afterwards.

If you don't have a naming scheme that generates the filename from tag data, then you could create a user-defined field, e.g. MY_FILENAME which holds the filename as data - this field would be copied.
After pasting, you apply an action or the converter>tag-filename which uses the contents of MY_FILENAME to rename the file.

In addition to @ohrenkino's advice, you can have a look at the documentation:

Thanks for your reply. I don't know how to create user-defined field. If you mean the User-defined filed mappings option, it shows 3 columns - Tag, Source and Target. But I don't know how to do that.

Please show us a screenshot with your current metadata from your track after you have copy & pasted this informations.

And please show us also an example how you would like to see your filename in the end.
Something simple like
or something more advanced like

In the example above, I would like to transfer the filename of the 1st file (.flac) to the 2nd file (.ogg)

The source filename could contain any characters, I would just like to copy the entire filename. This is in addition to all other tags.

In this example case, the filename is in this format;
%track%. %title%

I don't know if all files you are working on have this same filename structure. Nor do you mention if you are also looking to change the path (from C:Users... to F:\Music).

I would create an Action that will allow you to call this at any time for one or more selected files. Have the action set up as follows;
Action Type: Format Value
Format String: F:\Music\%albumartist%\%album%\%discnumber%-%track%. %title%

You can add more, or remove fields that don't apply. But this will let you rename your files at any time, and put them in a consistent folder structure. This is often better than just using a copy/paste method, as often times you may edit the contents of some of these fields.

Thanks. If I understand it correctly, this Action will replace the text in _FILENAME with the text in %title% in my case. But I wanted to know if it is possible to copy the filename of one file and paste that in another file.

  • Let's imagine I have 2 different codecs of same music file with filenames as 01.ABCD and 09.LMNO.
  • The file 09.LMNO has incorrect filename, so I'd like to replace it with 01.ABCD.

Can I do this without renaming it manually?

There is no relationship between two different files in mp3tag. So this will still require a manual intervention of some kind. In the main window you can click into the filename column on the file you want to copy, then click again to highlight that name, and copy it with right click or Ctrl-C. Then do the same for the one you want to write over, and paste. But if there is a file with the same extension and in the same folder, you will get an error.

I'd still recommend my prior suggested Action is the better long-term solution. It will ensure your files all follow the same naming convention as you build your library, using the data in your tag fields for accuracy. And if you make any changes, you simply need to run this action again and the files will be renamed (and moved) if necessary.


I tried the Action you suggested.

What now happens is,

  • The file with the correct Title is first transferred to the incorrect file
  • The Action you suggested then replaces this title in the filename

In short, this works for me. I've been using mp3tag since many years, but never delved deeper into its capability. Thanks a lot for your help :grin:

Also thanks to everyone else who replied.

Yes, I described it in

To create such a user-defined field create an action of the type "Format value". As field name type in MY_FILENAME
Format string: %_filename%

You can check if the user-defined field has been created in the dialogue "Extended Tags" Alt-T
Then copy and paste the tags.
To apply the old filename use Converter>Tag-Filename
Format string: %my_filename%

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As the extended tag isn't present in new files, I have to create it each time using Action > MY_FILENAME

Only then can I use Convert > Tag-Filename

But it works as well. Thanks.

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