Copy tags from one library to another

Hello. Many years ago, I ripped my modest (couple hundred) CD library to FLAC, and then used Mp3tag to tag all the tracks. I then converted the library to MP3, while keeping the original FLAC library as well.

Now, getting more serious about tagging, I am beginning to go through the MP3 library and add/correct tag information needed. Once done, is there some method that I can use to copy/transfer the entire library of tags to the FLAC library, without having to manually go through and edit that library as well?

If there is no nice, automated way to do that, then perhaps it would make more sense to do all my re-tagging on the FLAC library, and then once again convert that library to MP3?

You can load the source files in Mp3tag, select all, and copy the complete tags to Mp3tag's internal clipboard via Ctrl+C. Then — while keeping Mp3tag open — load the target files, select all, and paste the tags from the clipboard to the files via Ctrl+V.

This whole process assumes that source files and target files are in the same order.

Excellent. Thank for speedy and helpful reply! :smile:

Depending on the mp3 format you originally converted to, and what you may choose now, I would recommend you start the tag update process on your FLAC files. Then convert those again to mp3 with the new tags already intact. Odds are there is some improvement to be had doing it this way. And less risk doing a copy/paste from mp3 to FLAC if there are any mismatches in the order. I think you would prefer to have the FLAC files over any other.:+1:

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Thanks for the recommendation. It does appear to be wise to do it that way. :grin:

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I (traditionally) use lamedrop for converting to mp3s and this also works with flacs and transfers the tags ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, TRACK (but only these) to the mp3s. That's sufficient for my personal workflow, so I have nopersonal experience and knowledge about other converter-software and it's abilities with flacs. But for @KerryOki it may be useful to have a flac-mp3-converter that transfers all tags to the flac-files during conversion. Is there such a piece of software?

I use dbPoweramp. The music converter has several built-in formats and plug-ins for most others. There is a free trial to test, not sure the cost to unlock. But it keeps any valid tags as it converts.

That's a good question, and one that I've been thinking about, though my updating process is proceeding quite slowly, as I search for all the correct information for each title. But I definitely wish to be able to transfer all the tags! Sadly, I don't recall what program I used to do the initial conversion several years ago.

Like most people (I suppose), I organize by artist/album/title, where for classical, artist is composer. But at the top (or root), I begin with very broad genres, such as classical, gospel, jazz, etc. So when I get the first section done, I will work on the .flac to .mp3 conversion for that section, and will begin by searching for an appropriate program. I'll also be looking to be able to convert videos to .mp3 (or really, to extract the sound from the video).

So I found fre:ac; does anyone have any experience with this program? There is basically no documentation to speak of, and the program is somewhat confusing, but after some experimentation I was able to get it to reproduce the directory tree and filenames while converting .flac to .mp3, and also retaining all of the tags (that I have filled in) and cover art.

The only issue that I haven't been able to overcome, is that the Track# and Disc# tags are not quite correct. In the original .flac files, the Track# is, eg. 01/20 and the Disc# eg. 1/2. In the resulting .mp3 files, the Disc# is simply 1 (or 2, etc.), without the "/total". The Track# is inconsistent: for most files it is simply 1 (or 2, etc.) without leading zero, and without the "/total", but for some file it does include the total, yet without the leading zero on the track number.

If anyone has stumbled across this and has a solution, I would like to hear about it. Otherwise, I suppose I will need to contact the author. But I will continue to look at other programs as well, and any recommendations would be appreciated.

One other question: what bit rate do you use when converting? By default, fre:ac uses variable bit rate, and the results average around 200 kb/s. Do any of you prefer to use a higher, fixed bit rate (320 kb/s)?

At the risk of getting trashed, I use fre:ac to rip CDs to FLAC and have no trouble with leading zeros in the track number.

I used fre:ac (a couple of years ago) to convert about 1000 selected FLACs to mp3 for use in my car. Worked without issues. With assorted tracks, I wasn't concerned with disc numbers, and the track numbers all retained the leading zero where needed.

fre:ac has an online forum and the author is active. Give him a try and see how it goes.

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When you load tracks into fre:ac, you will be looking at the "Joblist" tab. Click on the "Tags" tab, and the bottom half of the window will show something like mp3Tag's Alt-T extended tags, including fields for disc number and total discs.

You'll have to experiment from there or try the fre:ac forum.

@Jimmy_Neutron, thanks for the feedback! I have confirmed that what fre:ac shows in its Tags tab, is the same as what Mp3tag shows, i.e. the issue appears to be with fre:ac, and not with Mp3tag. I've done some more experimenting, discovering some more strangeness, and have posted the results to the fre:ac (sourceforge) forum. Will see how the author responds.

I've also tried Helium Converter, which gave excellent results, including cover art, and with no tag weirdness. However, that program fails to reproduce the source directory tree; instead it sends all output files to the same, single destination directory. That makes it a non-starter for me.

P.S. Apologies for the late reply. I was actually composing this reply yesterday, when the power failed! I am very thankful that my UPS worked well, and I was able to shut the computer, the NAS, etc. without loss.

Meanwhile, I've had a response on the fre:ac (sourceforge) forum, which goes a long way to explaining what's going on, which anyone interested can read here:

Yeah, I saw that over there. Looks like he's going to make things work better based on your input. Another one of the good guys.