Copying data from extended tag (catalognumber) to custom tag (CATALOG)


So here is my dilemma:

  • SAM Broadcaster (my broadcasting software) uses an extended tag called CATALOG whereas the correct tag should be catalognumber looking at the docs.
    I cannot get the developers to change the software so I need a way to copy catalognumber to a custom tag CATALOG for SAM Broadcaster to pick up. (I need the data in the software for broadcast licensing reporting.

I have tried using custom mapping in MP3TAG as per screenshot which creates an extended tag called CATALOG but this is not picked up by SAM Broadcaster (and looking in Music Brainz Picard it is still catalognumber).

Am I messing up here?
Is there a way to have a custom tag called CATALOG for SAM Broadcaster to use? And can I get the data (imported from Discogs) copied from catalognumber?

Many thanks
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See the FAQs how to copy one field to another:

The mapping is only a good way if you want to write a special field to a special kind of tags, e.g. like FLAC tags.

Thank you - but is there a way to create the custom tag called Catalog to use in the action?

I can for example in SAM Broadcaster edit the tag and save it (on an individual file) then see it in Music Brainz but cannot see that tag in MP3TAG or select it from the dropdown when creating the action.

(I have found CATALOG does not work in SAM Broadcaster either, it has to be Catalog for it to pick it up)

Many thanks.

If you need a field that is currently not in the dropdown list, then simply enter it.
To get the field with the accepted case, create the corresponding field first in the tag panel with an all upper case reference.

The look for the field userfields.ini in the configuration folder DATA
(see File>Open configuration folder).
Close MP3tag,
Edit the field userfields.ini and change the case of the field name from CATALOG to Catalog.
Save the file
Open MP3tag and enter some data and check if that works.
Then create an action of the type "Format value" for Catalog
Format string: %catalognumber%

You can press Alt + T (or View -> Extended Tags) in Mp3tag for a track where you have saved the Catalog tag in your SAM Software. Then you should see the needed tag name.

@ohrenkino already wrote how you can use this tag name on the Tag Panel or in a Action.

Thank you both,

Sorry - I know it was a stupid question but I just wasn't getting my head around it for some reason.

The userfield.ini trick got the tag on the right case and I have just managed to update one album and get the tags imported into SAM Broadcaster correctly.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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and BSI Simian we seem to have already two of this ancient pieces of software forcing people to seek solutions with 3rd party software...

Sad thing is - I have the latest version (2022:06). But when I look at it, not much has changed since when I was using it in 2002 - in fact still quite a few of the same bugs still exist.

While I like the software in general - I think they have given up on it and just taking peoples money now.

I won't tell you about my woes around using a remote MySQL database --> and although I have debugged their code and sent a solution I doubt there will be much incentive for them to patch it (I am probably the only person stupid enough to want the database on a different server).

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