Mp3tag VIA BSI Info Editor (BSI Simian)

Hello, I like Mp3tag very much, but Mp3tag does not transfer us all the tags to my BSI Info Editor (BSI Simian)

  1. I program with my tags with BSI Info Editor (BSI Simian) which does not have the option to place the images of the songs ...

  2. With super Mp3tag I programmed all BSI Info Editor tags:

Title / Description__ Artist / Advertiser__ Location__ Category__ No fade at segue: -1 / Fade at segue: 0__ Length__Intro__Segue__Hook Start__Hook End__Start Date__End Date__ Time (24 hr.) Start__ Time (24hr.) End__ Time Window (24 hr.) Start__ Time Window (24 hr.) End__Album__Year__Genre-Track__OutCue__Agency__ Account Executive / Sales Person__Copy__URL__Producer__Talent__
Composer__Publisher__ Copyright / Record Company__ Comments__Key__End__Energy__Texture__
Tempo__ Beats per minute

And I saved my Mp3tag configuration on my Windows hard drive...

In my Mp3tag, I see all the information in full from my BSI Info Editor (BSI Simian)

  1. When I place the image and where I want to add information in the tags and save the information with Mp3tag

  2. When I look in my BSI Info Editor, I see the image in my sound file (With Windows)

Only the information of the following tags remains:
Title / Description__ Artist / Advertiser__ Location____Album__Year__Genre-Track__URL__ Composer__Publisher__ Copyright / Record Company__ Comments__

All the other Tags mentioned above have been deleted, but the information is still available in Mp3tag ??? But the info is not transferred to my file and they erase my tags when transferring???

Can someone help me, I'm ready sent my configuration to Mp3tag team, so they can help me with this big problem...

Where and how does this happen in MP3tag?
Check Ctrl+O>Tags>Mpeg which tag versions you read, write and delete.
Also check, which tag versions are stored in your file(s).

001- Mp3tag__Option Picture Tag MPEG

This is what I clicked on the page

Hi ohrenkino, is this the right way to do...

Please add a screenshot from Mp3tag Alt + T (View -> Extended Tags) to see which id3tag versions you have inside your file.

Hello ohrenkino, here is the screenshot "CTRL+T"
for Extended Tags page for id3tag version

Sorry LyricsLover, I meant "ALT+T"

Hello, I was wondering, correct me if I'm wrong.
In Mp3tag "Option" => "Tag" => "Ape,Mpc..."

In Write, there are 2 options
ID3v1 and APEv2

I believe there should be the option:
Could this solve my problem...

I think that these options are really only for APE files.

The extended tags dialogue shows a lot of fields (thank you for the screenshot) and it also shows that you do not have any strange tag versions (only ID3V2 and V1) in the files. Sometimes APE tags cause trouble. But at least this file does not have them.
Now I am a little lost as to what your problem is.
Do you have problems that other players do not show your special tag fields like

Which information are you missing? And how did you save it with MP3tag?

Hello ohrenkino, the problem as I explained Mp3tag can read all tags from BSI Info Editor (BSI Simian), but why when writing the tags several tags are not rewritten and Mp3tag erases them???

I think there is just a little writing problem, but where???

Which tag fields get deleted and where do you see that?

This was my original test song with a few tags from Mp3tag:

Then I opened this song in the BSI Info Editor and added the fields in the tabs "Authoring", "Commercial", "Music" and "Times/Album" and saved it.
This is what Mp3tag reads from such a mp3 file:

The COMMENT seems to be duplicated and written to COMMENTS too.

@Sergius should now tell us, which of this fields (or even other information?) get lost, if Mp3tag save them.

If I re-open a file in BSI Info Editor (previously re-saved in Mp3tag), all tags are still there and also visible in BSI Info Editor:

Hello ohrenkino & LyricsLover, here are the tags that Mp3tag erases when I want to rewrite the file, I find it's a lot of tags: ...

Category_( becomes again: Audio)__ No fade at segue__ Intro__Segue__Hook Start__Hook End__Start Date__End Date__ Time (24 hr.) Start__ Time (24hr.) End__ Time Window (24 hr.) Start__ Time Window (24 hr.) End__ OutCue__Agency__ Account Executive / Sales Person__Copy__ Key__End__Energy__Texture__
Tempo__ Beats per minute

Hello LyricsLover, I'm trying to follow what you sent me, I believe your system is the windows:

  1. In your first image, you have some written tags (9 tags in total) in the Mp3tag program

  2. Then you opened this song in the BSI Info Editor and added the fields in the "Authoring", "Commercial", "Music" and "Times/Album" tabs and many other tags, as i see in your picture and you saved it the BSI info editor.

This is what Mp3tag read from such mp3 file, it's ok

  1. You opened Mp3tag and all the tags are readable in Mp3tag, which is normal, it works for me too, like that...

  2. If I understand correctly what you write in your message: You would have rewritten all the tags that are readable with Mp3tag... You opened again, the BSI information editor and all the tag information is still good written in each tag...

Unfortunately if I do as you did, My tags are erased, Mp3tag erases my tag data, when rewriting...

(see my list of all deleted tags, listed in my other messages above ...)

I wonder how you programmed your Mp3tag, to be able to write back in the BSI info editor, without Mp3tag erasing the tags???

This are my current settings:

For your point 4:
I have just entered some infos in - for example TRACK - and then pressed CTRL+S. I can then see the changed information back in BSI, so I assume, that the re-save has been successfull. There are no tags erased as fas as I can see.

Is it really true that you write ID3V2 tags with ISO encoding instead of UTF-16 encoding? I thought that UTF-16 is the more modern and wider spread character set.

For this test: Yes :wink:.
This happens, If I try to compare the "real" content in the music metadata.
With UTF-16 I get this nearly no more readable special NUL characters like this:

I see.
It was just a side note on my behalf. The character encoding has nothing to do with erased tag fields.

In this specific case, the mentioned "BSI Info Editor" can't even load my re-saved mp3 anymore, If I use UTF-16. It says:

Changed back to ISO-8859-1 in Mp3tag and re-saved, the BSI Info Editor can then read it again - and in my case, it does not erase any tags.

The metadata content looks more readable (at least for me) with this encoding:

004a- Mp3tag - Tags - Mpeg
004b- Mp3tag - Tags - Ape,Mpc...

Hello Lyrics Lover, I programmed the Mp3tag ==> Tags ==> Mpeg

and Tags ==> Ape, Mpc...

As you did...unfortunately it doesn't work, I still have the same problem???

Do other data have to be programmed in the Mp3tag program?