¡Could not write to file!

¡Could not write to file!


What could be the solution?

If I remove the attribute "read only" file the problem is not resolved


Thank you for your help

(PD: translated by google)

It could be that the filename is too long - do not use more than 254 characters incl. drive letter and full path

I reduced file names and address but the problem persists . If I remove the read-only attribute of the file it is not resolved .


The image refers to is read-only and must remove that attribute. Although I say yes , you can not.

See attached image ... the folderpath and file can be created by Mp3tag, ...
for example by ...

Convert "Tag - Tag" Field: _FILENAME Formatstring: 'O:\Música\BSO ANUAL\1960\1969\1969 Un Trabajo En Italia (The Italian Job) (128) Quincy Jones,

Don Black - OST BSO BOF - Mr. Yusseply\1969 The Italian Job\12 - Getta Bloomin

'''' Move On!.mp3'

If you build and apply a file path, then you have to make sure that the usage of special characters must follow the given rules, for example, to get one single apostrophe, you have to write it twice.


If you migrated the music collection from folders that were originally created under Windows XP but now are accessed by a later version of Windows (7/8/10), you should make sure that you are the owner of the folder (being Administrator is not enough) or that you have granted access to "everyone".

(see Microsoft pages for that: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff404240.aspx)

Also, if you create filenames with a "Convert " function, it may be useful to enclose the whole generation patter in the $validate() command.

Thanks for the reply. I followed his instructions, special characters and proven path, but the problem persists.

I appreciate your response. Your solution is correct. That was the problem, the inherited permissions.

Thanks for your help. Regards.