Cover Art and Filename

If the title and the cover art is the same why can't you guys make a program that inserts the cover art automaticlly

Well, you could.
There is an action to import covers.
Enter as filename format string: %title%.jpg

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Sorry I don't understand...
Ex: B.B. King - Rock Me Baby - Kent 393 Song
B.B. King - Rock Me Baby - Kent 393 Title

I don't understand either: I thought this was about the external picture file that should be embedded in the file.
To embed a picture you can use an action.

If this is not the case, please explain again more elaborately.

The song and the label are in the same folder.

Thank you for your time I appreciate it

Is this the filename or the tag field TITLE?

Is this what you use as synonym for the picture file that should become the displayer cover? I ask because there is also a tag field called LABEL ...

The "HowTo" section in this forum tells you how to create an action:

Something similar can be found in the help:

In the help you also find a description of the action to import a cover (picture) from an external file.
You fill find that you have to either enter a fixed filename or one that is created dynamically from tag field variables.

Depending on whether you quoted the filename or the tag field TITLE when you mentioned

you enter as
Format string: %title%.jpg
Format string: %_filename%.jpg
Try it with a test file.

The song

Is this the filename or the tag field TITLE?

They are both filenames

OK, then use
Format string: %_filename%.jpg

Yet, I don't understand why you embed the cover but do not fill the other tag fields.

I did this about 15 years ago as I have the whole Billboard

Top Pop Singles 1955 to 1990 on 3 Hard drives this is why they are in the same folder


Where do I do that

Do you know that you can retrieve data from the filenames to put it in the tag fields?
See the function Convert>Filename-Tag