Cover Art disappearing

Hello, new here. I made cover art for 650+ mp3 files last month, took me a week, with no problems: all came up (this really is a great program, thanks!), I used some covers I made myself, some copied from discogs, or MusicBrainz etc. After some time half of them "disappeared" when I opened mp3tag. Worked from external hardrive with "cover map" there, then some copying to pc (Windows 10) or other usb sticks for use in my car. Lot of research done (that's why I became member here), uninstalled the program & reboot, alt/T, etc. etc. all to no avail.... ps my mp3tag edited covers all do show up e.g. in windows media player (although not all in Groove Music), when I open mp3tag program again where I edited them, as said, only +/- half of them showed up

Load the files
Check if the files really have embedded covers.
Use the filter (press F3 to see where to enter the filter expression)
%_covers% MISSING
Ideally, no files appear in the files list. This would mean that all the loaded files have embedded covers.

As soon as it is clear that the covers are really embedded, it is a task to investigate how the player shows the pictures:
does it read the tags?
Does it need an external file like folder.jpg?
Does it have an internal cache that needs updating?

Ok, thx for quick reply, will check this out and come back at you

Just investigated:

When loading the program =/- 420 files from the 658 list, formerly with cover, are now without and +/- 238 files still have the cover I made for them

When filtering with %_covers% MISSING in stead of no files, all files with no covers show up (the +/- 420 files mentioned above)

ps all tags (title, album, etc.) are working just fine, except for some titles that doni't accept the "é" or other specials sign lettering

If you have hits in the filtered list then there are no covers.
You would have to add them (again).

What kind of files are these? MP3? MP4? WAV? FLAC? AAC?

all files have the all mp3 extension

if you have files that a) already have a cover and are part of an album where other files do not have a cover, then you could export the covers first to file and then import them back to all files of that album.

E.g. if you have Abba: Arrival and at least 1 file of that album has a cover, then
Create an action of the type "Export cover to file" with
Format string: %artist%_%album%_%_cover_type%

Then import the covers back with an action of the type "Import cover from file" with
Format String: %artist%_%album%_%_cover_type%.jpg

This should import covers only to files where the generated filename from tags matches the picture filename.

This means that only matching files will be imported.
See how many hits remain for
%_covers% MISSING

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Ok, thx again; will take some time to figure this out, but, again, will certainly come back to you! (ps and just love that Akai GX77 profile pic! What a great time that was!)