Cover Art download doesnt work (Amazon)

Hi folks,
does anyone have the same issue:

When I mark some mp3 files and select Tag Sources->Cover Art->Amazon, mp3tag successfully queries the Amazon Webservice and shows me a (populated) list of search results.

But after I have selected one entry and click next the cover is empty (although the preview in the search results showed a cover).

Does someone know how to solve this issue?


see this thread:
(which does not really provide a solution ... but may lead you in the right direction)

Ohrenkino, thank you very much! Your hint finally led in the right the direction!!

The solution is: Don't use UMTS connections for downloading cover art... :flushed:
I don't know why my provider blocks images for cover art (as they are properly displayed in the browser) but as soon as I use the cover art feature of mp3tag while connected via DSL it works!

Can I somehow mark this topic as closed or solved?

It would have never have occurred to me that it was my ISP (Virgin UK) blocking me from downloading cover art! But then again, they have blocked me from using my favourite bittorrent site and I suppose getting cover art for mp3s could be linked to copyright infringement, so it sort of makes sense. Though it's a bit disheartening knowing of the lengths they'll go to, to inconvenience you a bit.

I was downloading cover art through Mp3tag without problem on a different internet connection in a different country; It is only now that it has become a problem. I originally assumed a bug had developed within Mp3tag or something had somehow gone wrong with my computer!

I'm now going to give Album Art Downloader, hopefully it uses a different method to Mp3tag that means the art will not be blocked, otherwise, it's back to manually getting it from an internet browser!

They don't deliberately block you. It seems these mobile connections use an extra image compression to save traffic.
And Mp3tag cannot handle that compression.
Well if you download cover art you wouldn't want extra compressed images anyway.
You can probably still see the images in the browser so you can drag&drop them to Mp3tag.