Cover art not properly assigned


Since many albums on my iPhone show the back cover instead of the front cover I investigated and noticed that in all these cases the cover type was not "Back cover" but "Other". So I started changing them all back to "Back cover" only to find that that change does not stick. I would change it, save it, check and it would still be "Other".
All my files are Apple lossless m4a files.

  1. Is this a bug? Why can't I save the correct cover type?
  2. Why did this conversion to "Other" happen in the first place? I am very meticulous in my tagging and always use the correct tag.

See here:

This does not address my issue as far as I can tell. The link given signals a problem with cover art being saved as front cover only in mp3. Moreover, it is ancient.

I don't know ...
It says

... which says "m4a" and not MP3.
And then it describes

And finally:

This looks to me very similar to what you described

You are quite right, I always get confused when I see mpX and assume it refers to mp3. Nevertheless, the thread refers to a Nero issue (what is that?) and was resolved in 2008!

I noticed that with recent rips I did not have this problem. The ones that do have the problem are probably all converts from .flac to m4a. So I extracted the Back cover from some .m4a files, deleted it from the files and reintroduced it setting the cover type to Back Cover. It made no difference, what I got instead was type Other. What is going on?

In the context menu of the file list there is a function to optimize mp4 files - see if that helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. I optimised the files and then changed the tag again from Other to back. It did not work.