Embedded Album Art in AAC Tags


Hi Florian,

My m4a files are encoded by Nero, using Mp3tag 2.41a to embed the front and back album art. All album art shows as "Front Cover". If I try to change it, the change shows in the window, but as I soon I press save, it reverts back to "Front Cover". Is this expected behavior? Embedding works fine with my FLAC & MP3 files.


Edit: Apologies for not posting in "Bug" forum. I thought that was where I was at until after pressing the post button. :wink:

AAC - Cover-Typ wird zurückgesetzt

MP4 only supports "Front cover" and "Back cover" to my knowledge. I'll add support for "Back cover" to the next release.

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Hi Florian, Thank you for adding the back cover, but I just tried it and I'm getting 2 front covers. After adding, if I try to change to "Back Cover" and save, it still shows both as "Front Cover".


I've tried 2.41b on 3 different computers and I cannot change a second image to anything other than "Front Cover" on any AAC (m4a) files. Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks!


I think it's simply not possible with standard iTunes-style MPEG-4 tags. Maybe Nero has invented some own cover types, but this is beyond my knowledge.

If you send me an example file, I can have a look at this.


NeroAacTag states front & back image types. While "front" works as expected, the "back" type shows in mp3tag as "Other".

Clarification: I used neroaactag to add the back cover artwork in the file, then reviewed it in mp3tag.


Here is what NeroAacTag says about the covers.

C:\foobar2000\Codecs>neroaactag "07 surfin'.m4a" -list-covers
*                                                           *
*  Nero Digital Audio Reference MPEG-4 & 3GPP Audio Tagger  *
*  Copyright 2007 Nero AG                                   *
*  All Rights Reserved Worldwide                            *
*                                                           *
*  Package build date: Aug  6 2007                          *
*                                                           *

Processing file: "07 surfin'.m4a"
  Cover art entry list:
    front cover
    back cover
  End of cover art entries.
No changes made to the file.Also, foobar2000 shows the image as "Back", while mp3tag shows it as "Other".


OK, this is indeed something specific to Nero Digital MP4 tags.

I'll dive into it...


Hi Florian,

Thank you for fixing the Back Cover issue in MP4 files. It works perfectly in version 2.41c.



No problem, glad that it works now.