Cover changes are not automatically saved

When I change the cover of a file (adding a new cover, removing current cover) and move to the next file in the list before explicitly saving the cover changes with Ctrl+S or the toolbar "Save" button the changes are lost.
When I edit a text field in the list instead the changes are saved when moving to the next file. I think both editing options should work the same way and save the changes when moving to the next file!

You could activate Tools -> Options -> Messages
"Show message at unsaved changes"
Then you will see a confirmation box for every unsaved change.

Please also check your settings in
Tools -> Options -> Tags
"Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click"

This is checked, but does not have any effect on changed cover images. No notification appears when moving to the next file.

This is also checked. When I edit a text field the new contents is saved when moving to the next file, but changed cover images are not.

I can't confirm this behaviour with my Mp3tag version 3.11e.

BTW: What exactly do you mean with "moving to the next file". Do you use the key up, key down-arrows from your keyboard? Do you use your mouse? How exactly do you "move to the next file"?

Which Mp3tag version do you use?

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Tried in in Windows with several combinations of settings.
As soon as I set the option to get a message at unsaved changes, the changed cover is also saved.
So, same as @LyricsLover.

Giving up on this and moved to #support