"Cover Display" in Tag Panel & Extended Tags Window: Displaying png Images "Overlay" jpg Images on < ->

"Cover Display" in Tag Panel & Extended Tags Window: Displaying embedded png Images will "Overlay" atop jpg Images on -> right scroll. Not an issue if all images are jpg, as they will cover the previous image, but png images with transparent backgrounds, they will display the previous image in the transparent areas.

Screen shots

Labeled a bug (as opposed to 'by design') because when the mp3tag is minimized to the taskbar and reopened, the png image shows without underling images

Screen shot after minimizing

Thanks for reporting and taking the time to document this with a video! Much appreciated.

I think it is happening with PNG files that have a transparent background and I'll need to investigate on how to identify those and manually draw the background in this cases.

I'll keep you posted!

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I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v3.11f.

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