Cover resize by action

Hello All,
I am looking for a way to create an action that would change the size of the covers in a specific directory to 500x500. Any ideas?

see here:

Hi, thanks for the response but the info you sent me is the same person having the same question?

Sorry, I didn’t read the solution but the link provided is dead.

I found it, I’ll give it a try. Thank you so much!

Sorry for being a pain but that program doesn’t exist any longer. I see that mo3tag downloads album artwork. How do you get that to work? Can you set restrictions to size there?

So, to come back to your original question: is there an action to resize covers? The answer is no. And this should have been the result of the linked thread.
In that linked thread there were mentioned a couple of tools.
If one does not exist any more, look for another one.
MP3tag has web source scripts that look mainly for tag information and also can download the pictures found with that tag information.
If you look for other programs to download pictures (which is a completely different thing than an action to resize), you may have a look at this thread:

or look for albumartdownloader.

I got this done, please read below.


Export cover to file
Exports the cover art from the tag of the file to the relative or absolute filename specified by the format string. You can use placeholders like %artist% and %album% in the format string.

Remove fields
This action type removes the fields entered in the edit field (e.g. COMMENT;PICTURE). Removing embedded cover art. Please use PICTURE as field name if you want to remove cover art from the tags.

Import cover from file
Imports the cover art specified by the absolute or relative filename into the tag of the file. You can use placeholders like %artist% or %album%.

>Export all embedded covers to file

  1. Open mp3tag and insert all your music files
  2. Select all files and go to Menu bar » Actions » Actions (quick)
  3. Choose Export cover to file
  4. Enter %_filename% as format string for image filename
    You get a nonsense message but all covers are exported to their respective folders

>Delete all embedded covers

  1. Select all files and go to Menu bar » Actions » Actions (quick)
  2. Choose Remove fields
  3. Enter PICTURE as fields to remove
    Don't be confused if you look at Windows Explorer after it. It doesn't update the file covers.
    You have to copy (not renaming) a file to check the successful removal.

>Resize all artwork using Flexxi (I used 500x500 for all files). It reduces/increases all cover art to the specifications you outline. Save all new images.

>Re-Import all file covers

  1. Select all files and go to Menu bar » Actions » Actions (quick)
  2. Choose Import cover to file
  3. Enter %_filename%.jpg as format string for image filename

Got some errors on the last step? Thought so. Me too. I realized that some embedded pictures are saved as .PNGs rather than .JPGs. Ok, back to the import dialog and enter %_filename%.png for our second import try. This time, all .PNGs are imported.


You can skip this action because it is not necessary to delete cover-art with a separate action before embedding new cover-art. Just mark "Delete existing cover art" in the action "Import cover from file".

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